Monday, December 7, 2015

Mount Taraw Cliff, El Nido, Palawan

It was our fourth day in paradise and on this day, we will be climbing the highest point in El Nido.

If you're serious to climb Mount Taraw Cliff, start climbing by 5am.  We were fetched by kuya Jeorge, our guide, from our guesthouse early morning.  All we have is 1 liter of water each person.  We prepared ourselves for a difficult climb.

You need to pass through houses before the jump off point. The start of the climb is already challenging.  Wear trekking shoes because the rocks you will be stepping on are really sharp and most of it pointed.  By the way, these are limestone karst and not rocks.

started when it is still dark

My two kids were used to trek minor and some major climb mountains but I told them to be prepared because this is not an ordinary climb.

those sharp edges

After almost an hour, we were at the peak.  Wearing proper gears will shorten your climb.  The elevation of the Cliff is around 230 meters above sea level. And from here the view is magnificent.

sharp rocks

at the top!
Even if you're not a regular mountain climber, you can still do it.  Just wear proper shoes and gloves for your safety.  Just one wrong step and your face will be ruined seriously...

Kuya JP

and our youngest mountaineer, Joshua

with our guides
the family who loves being on top

just breathtaking ...
If you will start late in trekking, the top usually gets so crowded so you will get longer time staying on top to take photos because the queue will really take time.  Start by 5:30 to 6am okies?
mom and son

Bantog Backpackers and the spectacular view
Contact Jeorge Mendoza at 0908-4574108.  Official guide rate is Php300/person.

Climb down safely.  Don't rush to go back.

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  1. Going down is usually harder than going up since you dnt have eye down. How was going down? Same trail?


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